Ali founded Tap Payments in 2013 to solve the deep-rooted online payment problems in the MENA region. He started his career in payments in the oil & gas sector and then further developed his passion for payments while working with banks & financial institutions. Later, he got more involved with the telecom industry, which helped him become consumer-centric & technology-driven with innovative forms of payment experiences.

As the CEO of Tap Payments, he has played a significant role in disrupting the fintech industry within the region. Tap unified the fragmented payment landscape in the region by developing a single API to access all the payment methods that consumers highly adopt within the region.

Tap enabled organizations to accept & collect online payments with an API that has standardized local and international payment schemes, gateways, and switches from the complex integrations of the pre-Tap era, which took weeks & months, to the post-Tap era of hours and days. Today, Tap serves over one hundred thousand businesses of all sizes, from small home businesses all the way to large corporations across various industries such as Retail, Food, Insurance, Airlines, Telecom, and many others, with an automated merchant onboarding flow.