As a Canadian, Jen has thrifting in her blood. Jen is passionate about the environment and raising funds for children around the world. She started working for charity in 2003, raising funds in her high school to build and sustain a daycare and education projects with IAT Philippines. Jen went on to obtain her Masters in non-profit leadership and philanthropy and has since worked with great charities. Some of which include direct care for children in Nepal, India, Tanzania, and the Philippines. She has also worked in ethical sourcing through Fair Trade groups in Canada and while being the brand manager for the global licensing brand, Whatever It Takes. Most recently, Jen was the Operations Manager for Gulf for Good, raising funds for children ’ s charitable projects through doing global adventure challenges. In all of these roles, she learned that the biggest barrier for great projects is funding. Yet, there are so many wonderful supportive people interested in giving their used items and time to a good cause. Thrift for Good, the UAE’s first wide-scale charity thrift shop, brings together everything that Jen loves and she is so excited and passionate about leading this much needed initiative in Dubai.