Dr. Besart Kadia, who previously served as the Deputy Minister of Finance and Economy in Albania is currently holding the position of Deputy Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs. A product of the UK’s educational system, Kadia completed his A-Levels at Radley College before advancing to the University of Bristol. Here, he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Politics, followed by an MSc in Economics and Finance. Not stopping there, Kadia pursued a PhD at the European University of Tirana, specializing in Institutional Transformation in Eastern Europe.

His professional journey is marked by diverse roles, from being an auditor at Ernst and Young Assurance to training in Financial Mathematics for Procredit Bank. Since 2009, Kadia has been an integral part of the European University of Tirana’s faculty, contributing as a lecturer. He also took on leadership roles, such as the Executive Director of the Foundation for Economic Freedom, where he championed libertarian ideas in Albania. This role earned him the esteemed Smith Fellowship in 2016.

In addition to his public service, Kadia has been deeply involved in numerous Albanian projects, focusing on areas ranging from public service broadcasting to the EU integration process. As an author, his notable work includes the political thriller “Loja e Vjeter.” With his rich background in economics, politics, and international relations, Kadia brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his current role in the Albanian government.