Nashwa Al Ruwaini is a prominent and highly-recognized Arab business woman who has vast
experience in the media field and a career history that has led to her being acknowledged
over the years as a best-in-class leading media and business excellence personality.
In terms of her business achievements, she is currently Founder and CEO of Pyramedia Group
which includes – Pyramedia Media Production and Consultancy, as well as companies
specialized in financial investments, advertising and publicity, healthcare and beauty, freight
and shipping, retail and artificial intelligence. Al Ruwaini is also the Founder and Chairman of
the Nashwa Foundation, a charity that is dedicated to philanthropic work across the Arab world.
Her award-winning company Pyramedia is renowned in the Middle East for having innovated
novel TV formats and produced several significant and popular television shows that have been
aired across the region and recognized for their success. Of these shows the most viewed was
The Millions Poet and Prince of Poets, which are cultural shows that have helped to preserve
Arab poetic culture and heritage, a cause Al Ruwaini is extremely dedicated to, as well as the
Morning Show, the Evening Show and the talent show Al Zaman Al Jameel.
Nashwa Al Ruwaini was also the Co-Founder and Board Member of the Middle East Film
Festival, Abu Dhabi which was later renamed the Abu Dhabi Film Festival – a very well-received
film event that had global reach and the presence of international film personalities
participating every year.
Additionally, she is a board member of the International Academy of Television Arts and
Sciences and an appointed member and member of the jury for the International Digital Emmy.
Using her strength in media consulting, Al Ruwaini has a very strong portfolio of government and
private sector clients spanning across the Middle East that she provides counsel to. She has also
consulted for casting for Hollywood’s famous movies such as, Kingdom of Heaven, Pirates of the
Caribbean, Syriana, Aladin, House of Saddam, Salmon fishing in Yemen etc, produced
Changing Sands and co-produced Son of Babylon.
Throughout her career, Nashwa worked as a media Consultant, Casting Director, Producer,
Executive Producer and a Cultural Consultant. She participated in TV and Film projects locally,
regionally and internationally and she is known as a talent hunter for film and TV. Many
renowned names were discovered by Pyramedia Casting and she has represented many Arab
stars internationally through her group’s talent arm PYRASTARS. Nashwa has passion for script
writing and spotting scripts from the Arab world that has international appeal. She also worked
with many renowned international Casting Agents on Hollywood Productions such as Lucinda
Cyson, Jina Jay and others and she has excellent contacts with industry professionals both in the
Arab world and internationally.