Lamiaa Mahmoud is a yoga instructor, a bodyworker and soundhealer. As she embarked on her own self healing journey, she studied and learned many modalities including Kundalini Yoga, Reiki, EFT, Inner Dance, Sound Healing and Kundalini Body Works. This never ending search and harnessing of education and experience led her to a creative sharing mission, where she combines different techniques to hold group space or one on one sessions with her community, in El Gouna, Red Sea and in Switzerland.

These holistic techniques assist the body in its self-healing process, by reducing stress, and anxiety, while improving overall health, immunity and mindset. The main ideology behind this modality is that movement, breath and sound currents are used together to allow you to connect with yourself, release the body and mind from old traumas and replace them with pleasure and joy.

Lamiaa insists on sharing tools and techniques to foster independence and freedom in her students, so they can be responsible for their own health and healing journey.