The year 2020 was a test for everyone, as COVID-19 disrupted lives and livelihoods. Now as organizations embark on the road to recovery, Family Businesses however they have been under duress to transform their business models and adapt to a constantly evolving digital world. With an increased focus on customer experience, most family businesses have taken significant measures to update their existing legacy systems and are already reaping the benefits of a digitally efficient operating model.

The newer generation have been taking bold steps to innovate and diversify the existing network of goodwill and resources by exploring not only conventional but unconventional business options such as blockchain, digital currencies and investment in up-and-coming technology start-ups.

The Forbes Middle East Family Business Summit will facilitate conversation on the increasing focus for a digitally driven business and will explore the latest trends, challenges and opportunities for family business groups in the region.

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Navin M. Valrani

Vice Chairman and Managing Director

Al Shirawi Group

Talal Ajlan Alajlan

Chief Executive Officer

National Center for Family Business (NCFB)

Makarem S. Batterjee

President & Vice Chairman

Saudi German Health

Masaood Rahma Al Masaood

Vice Chairman

Al Masaood Group

H.E. Dr. Nabeel Koshak

CEO and Board Member

Saudi Venture Capital Company (SVC)

Peter Englisch

Senior Partner, Shareholder & Global Family Business Leader

PwC Germany

Anurag Bajpai

Lower Gulf Head of Consumer and Retail and LG Leader

KPMG Private Enterprise

Ahmed Youssef

Senior Partner

McKinsey & Company

Walid Chiniara


Global Family Solutions Deloitte

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14 july 2021

Forbes Middle East Family Business Summit

2:00 pm GST

Welcome Remarks

2:05 pm GST

Chief Guest Keynote

2:20 pm GST

Opening Keynote By Partner

2:30 pm GST

Many family businesses are now on a journey of digitalization, but most seem to be facing common issues. According to a KPMG survey, among family businesses that see a need to digitalize, 63% said they feel that they lack the expertise and skills needed to develop and implement a digitalization strategy, and 53% do not have any existing plans to instill a culture of innovation. In this panel we ask why do family businesses in particular seem to be facing these challenges? What are the barriers to innovation and what changes can be implemented to business models to enable companies to progress?

3:15 pm GST

Partner’s Presentation

3:25 pm GST

Sustaining Capital: A Private Wealth Perspective

The pandemic has brought with it significant challenges and unique opportunities. For family businesses in particular,a Deloitte Middle East survey found that 67% of respondents intended to invest in distressed and digital businesses in the next 12-18 months, alongside opportunities that offered greater portfolio diversification. In this panel we explore the ways in which family businesses can sustain their wealth for future generations and maintain attractive investment opportunities. What are the current trends, and how can private wealth be best protected from the various risks?

4:10 pm GST

Partner’s Presentation

4:20 pm GST

Betting Big On The Future: Investing In Startups

Family businesses in the Middle East are increasingly exploring ways to disrupt their businesses. According to a joined survey by McKinsey and Company and Family Business Council Gulf, 91% of family businesses are working on digital and disruptive strategies but face significant challenges. In this panel we ask what do leaders of family businesses look for in startups? How can investing in startups support innovation in an established business? And where are the biggest opportunities currently?

5:05 pm GST

Partner’s Presentation

5:15 pm GST

Going Public: Should You?

Going public is a move fraught with risk for businesses, and yet according to a report by Ernst & Young there were nine IPOs in MENA in 2020, raising more than $1.8 billion. However, IPOs are not suitable for all family businesses. In this panel we ask what are the significant advantages and disadvantages of going public, and how can leaders of a family business judge when the best time is to raise an IPO?

6:00 pm GST

Closing Remarks

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