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Forbes Middle East Events assembles the most influential leaders, policy-makers and entrepreneurs from across the Middle East to bring their ideas, knowledge, insights and expertise to cope with today’s challenges, navigate through those challenges and to harness innovative solutions.

The various events that are convened all year round, presents our decorated brand where we host leading C – level executives on our live events, webinars, exclusive boardrooms, awards and other gatherings. Through such events Forbes Middle East is able create memorable experiences that not only connects the region’s leaders but also steers the conversation towards progress for a better tomorrow.

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Recession Planning, Creating a Future-Proof Investment Portfolio

Rapid transformation by technological advancements, intellectual awareness, geopolitics, climate change impact, and several other critical factors will change the world as we know it. Such factors can also have a long-term impact on an investment portfolio. Although one can save money by depending on traditional approaches, it takes expertise to generate, preserve and grow wealth proficiently. Taking well-informed decisions without the risk of investment blind spots is key to a successful investment strategy. Forbes Middle East in partnership with The Family Office will gather experts to emphasize the importance of managing one’s wealth professionally at every stage of the investment lifecycle. Learn from the experts as they discuss innovative approaches to best leverage new-age digital investment platforms to help mitigate risk and build a diverse portfolio that meets your financial needs.

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Hospitality 2.0: Transforming the Hotel & Tourism Industry in the Middle East

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, the Middle East's travel and tourism sector are expected to rise by over 27%. Despite the sector coming to a near standstill in 2020, it is now recovering with a heightened focus on consumer-centricity. The hospitality sector is making considerable efforts toward elevating people's experiences and making sure that their travel journey is personalized by engaging in customer-centered practices. Forbes Middle East in partnership with Rotana Hotels & Resorts will gather hospitality & tourism leaders to discuss the innovative strategies being put forth by the sector to boost & promote tourism in the region. Join us as the leaders will provide their industry-leading insights on the recent developments & advancements that are being made to transform the hospitality sector in the Middle East.

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Agents of Change – Empowering Women in the Middle East

Arab women today, have an even more pivotal involvement towards economic and social development. Favorable policy upgrades across the Middle East have resulted in women being increasingly recognized for their roles as leaders and agents of change. The region has witnessed a steady evolution of improved gender equality reforms by encouraging women in workforce, leadership positions as well as entrepreneurship. Forbes Middle East will bring together an exclusive panel of renowned female leaders from Oman and other parts of the GCC to share their thoughts on how the role of women has transitioned to empower a modern economy.

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