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Forbes Middle East Events assembles the most influential leaders, policy-makers and entrepreneurs from across the Middle East to bring their ideas, knowledge, insights and expertise to cope with today’s challenges, navigate through those challenges and to harness innovative solutions.

The various events that are convened all year round, presents our decorated brand where we host leading C – level executives on our live events, webinars, exclusive boardrooms, awards and other gatherings. Through such events Forbes Middle East is able create memorable experiences that not only connects the region’s leaders but also steers the conversation towards progress for a better tomorrow.

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2nd Annual Building The Future

The 2nd Annual Building the Future Summit will host industry leaders from across the region to converge & discuss the opportunities and the way forward for this pertinent sector in the region and how the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a strategic realignment of priorities. The virtual summit will host the Middle East’s most successful developers, construction giants, consultants, banks and innovative technology companies under one roof to discuss current trends and challenges in the current market and to award those who have weathered challenging headwinds to become successful in their endeavors.

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Virtual Event

Re-energizing the Energy Sector: Walking towards Carbon Neutral

In 1990, the UAE emitted 32.6 tons of CO2 per person per year and in 2010, the figure dropped to 21.9 tons per person per year which is a positive sign for the region, that is why organizations are committed to reduce carbon emissions by decarbonizing the energy sources. The key players, which includes the government, utility providers, local partners and Industry leaders are determined to promote a sustainable ecosystem through alternative resources that emit far less carbon. In this conversation we will be speaking to experts on their plan of action to support the decarbonization of the energy sources in the region. How are organizations in the UAE sharing their responsibilities by expanding the role of low-carbon technologies in the economy and investing in renewable energy and nuclear power? We will also further discuss how are they developing innovative programs in order to reshape and move towards more cleaner solutions to combat climate change concerns and reach their sustainability goals. Join us to understand their strategies, solutions and initiatives on decarbonizing the energy sector.

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