Assuring food safety through digital innovation is becoming crucial in this day and age as recent changes in the industry, the onset of COVID-19 and the market trends have put immense pressure on manufacturers to disrupt.

Find out as we delve deep into the conversation on how experts are leveraging the variety of Digital services to obtain operational efficiency and we will also shed light on how they are reshaping their entire supply chain which will be more efficient, resilient, visible and will help to reduce environmental footprint.

Join us in this virtual conversation where we will also learn what technologies the manufacturers are adopting/utilizing which is aiding them in creating an ecosystem of end to end supply chain management that in turn is also ensuring food safety.


MR Mohamed Shaheen

Eng.Abdallah Al-Obeikan

Dr. Hisham Aljadhey

Mr Nasser A. Abanmi

Jessy El Murr

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